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Thursday, Apr 24th

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Are you looking for quality products made in America? The Made in America Buy American Directory is your consumer resource to help you locate products made in USA. Let's recycle the American dollar and keep our economy strong. Join us buy promoting your website in our American Made Directory.

Products listed here are proudly Made in the USA! When you buy products that are made in America it means you are helping to support the American economy, supporting the people in our communities. There are people who are missing work opportunities and we want to do our part to help. Our goal is to locate manufacturers who are dedicated to help revitalize our country.

We are proud to offer you a place to find high quality, American Made Products. Keeping American's working is important but it can be hard to find Made in America Products. Wouldn't it be nice if we could walk into a store and go straight to a section dedicated to American Made Products. Unfortunately, this is where the difficulties lie as there is an abundance of outsourcing being done today and there just isn't the manufacturing base we would like to see. This means job lose and lose of quality in the products we are buying.

Buying quality American made products not only means you are helping to invest in the people, our communities, and our future - it means you are getting the best made product manufactured by American workers in American companies.

Here is a list of some of the sections you will find in the Made in American - Buy American Directory.

Clothes Made in America

Here you will find clothing made in America for the whole family from babies and kids play clothes, to kids costumes, handmade baby items; crafted here in the USA, such as bibs, booties, hats, and more.

For the mom's and dad's of the family there are links to websites that carry casual work clothes, everyday casual clothing, shoes made in America, jeans made in America, swimwear, and coats. Some manufacturers you may recognize are:

  • The All American Clothing Company
  • Forever Made in the USA
  • All American Baby
  • American Joe
  • Bamboosa
  • USAB2C
  • All USA Clothing
  • Zappos
  • Original Retro Brand

And the list of clothing apparel and footwear is longer - just take a look in the directory to find the American Made products you might be looking for.

Baby Products Made in America

This section is dedicated to finding baby products made in America, toys made in America that are safe and built with quality for the safety of your children. Companies like Little Tikes are committed to making safe, quality, and durable toys that encourage your children to discover and learn through active, creative, and social play.

For those of you that like to hike and take pictures of scenery, take a look at the tough travel carriers, diaper bags, and camera bags.

If you like to support your neighbors, some have made handmade products, there are listings for handmade and homemade products such as blankets, totes, and more. You can find items made by women who own their own businesses that have mom and baby in mind. These businesses manufacture quality nursing products, infant products, and much more.

Nutritional Supplements, Vitamins, Food and Beverages

This category just might be a little easier to find American Made food and beverage items. Under the Health and Nutrition category we have listed healthier foods along with nutritional information and vitamins. The health and nutrition section includes products that are Vegan Friendly, Organic, Wheat Free, Gluten Free, Allergy Friendly and Heart Healthy. You will also find natural, chemical free vitamins and supplements to include in your healthy lifestyle.

Why list food items? Because there are many more products than you will find on your local grocery store shelves, and if you're like some - these healthier food items are essential if you have food sensitivities.

You can also buy local by supporting small farming communities, there are a lot that sell their produce at farmer's markets and some have little farm stores on their property. There's nothing like fresh produce.

Some of the food and beverage websites - say like the Tree Top website - they have more than just what they sell. You can get monthly newsletters, recipes, coupons, product information and more. Keeping you informed.

Made in USA Tools, Automotive and Motorcycle Products

Performance and maintenance products for your cars, boats, and motorcycles. Are you a craftsman, a novice? Are you looking for quality tools that will last you years of use. Are you looking for American made products made by American workers? Here you will find premier and quality tools for gardening, lawn, roofing, flooring and agricultural tools.

Links to Products Made in America

The products listed in our directory are not only made in American factories, they are made by the men and women in our hometowns to support their families and for you to buy products made in America.

So what does this mean for you? Quality products. Buying Handmade and Homemade products. Knowing you are making a difference to support your neighbors.

Other categories include art and jewelry, bath and body products made in America, quality children's toys, pet products, sport supplies, business and office supplies, automotive and motorcycle products, gifts and collectibles made in America, shoes that are made in America, tools made in the USA, and more.

So while you're here - take a look around. If you have a business or know someone who has a business making quality products made in USA, get your website listed and spread the word. We and others need people like you.

Keep American's Working

Supporting America is part of being American. It should be a natural thing for us all to do. If we reduce the amount of imported goods purchased and support the American business we can regain and bolster Our economy, our communities.

Products made in America are far superior than foreign products. We need to rally and help stop the demise and downsizing of American companies. Remember when we buy American Made Products it helps keep you and your neighbors working, it helps keep the companies that we work for in business, and it helps our country.

Be American, Love your Country. Buy Made in America!

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